Stone Park Lender - Title Loans in Lubbock, Texas

Whether you need money for home upgrades, cash to repair the washing machine or a stake to cover startup costs for a new business, Stone Park Lender is there for you. Our auto title lending business makes it possible for you to get quick cash whenever you need a bit of financial help. You won’t have to wait forever either. You can submit a simple, short application anytime, and we can fund your loan in as little as a day. It’s a great way to get cash if you have a vehicle for collateral. Autos must be paid in full, and we’ll need to see a lien free title. Cash from title loans Lubbock can be used for any purpose, and students, office workers, teachers, contractors, retirees know they can depend on financial assistance from us when money is in short supply. Discover for yourself how the process works and where to apply for fast cash today.

What You Want to Know About Auto Title Loans

Short & Easy Application Process

Stone Park Lender requires very little in the way of documentation to get a loan, and applications only take minutes to complete.

Upfront Loan Estimates

There is no need to worry or wonder whether your loan offer will be large enough to help with your financial concerns. We tell you upfront, so there are no hidden surprises.

Neighborhood Loan Stores

We have several loan stores in the Lubbock area, which makes it easy to take care of your financial business. Representatives are on hand to receive payments, walk you through the application process, answer questions, close loans and explain contracts.

Cash in a Hurry

Unlike other lenders that seem to drag out the loan process, we are proud to be able to process title loans Lubbock at top speeds. You’ll get your cash in a day or less time in some instances.

No Credit Hassles

Title loans make it possible to approve loans for many folks that wouldn’t normally qualify because of poor credit scores. Fortunately, credit scores aren’t needed because loans are secured with car titles.


Granted, loans are ultimately secured with your vehicle but this doesn’t mean you will lose the use of your auto. As long as you make your payments faithfully and remain current, you can continue to use your vehicle any time to get to work, run errands or even take a trip.


To keep expenses down for customers, we provide a number of services, which are free of charge like free applications, loan estimates, loan interviews and no fees for paying off loans early.

What You Want to Know About Auto Title Loans

How Loans Work at Stone Park Lender

Submit an application today. Stone Park Lender does not charge customers to apply for loans, so get yours in now for fast cash.

We know you are anxious to learn about your cash offer, so we provide instant loan quotes immediately after receiving applications. You are not under any kind of obligation at this time, but the estimate is useful for making financial decisions and helps you to determine if you’ll benefit from the loan.

Sort out your loan details and preferences with a professional loan representative. After applying, you will receive a call from a representative who will provide you with a short overview about getting a loan. He or she will answer your questions, explain important loan terms and help you to select an appropriate repayment plan for your income.

You’ll be asked to meet with us at a loan store in the Lubbock area where you will receive a contract. Agreements are required by state title loan regulations, and they help to make sure there is no confusion about the terms of the loan. We hope you will read through your contract carefully and ask questions when it’s appropriate.

The last thing we require from the borrower is to turn in their auto title, so we can secure the loan.
After completing the legal considerations at the loan closing, you will receive your cash.
Be sure to take a moment to flip through your loan repayment schedule to learn when your first payment is due, so you can make payments on time.

Getting a car title loan with Stone Park Lender is designed to be quick and hassle free. If you’re running short of cash this month or are dealing with unforeseen expenses, consider title loans Lubbock for the financial support you need.

How Loans Work at Stone Park Lender

Applying Information for Title Loans Lubbock

What Kind of Documents Are Needed to Get a Loan?

Your driver’s license or a state identification card is required to verify you are over the age of 17.

To secure your loan, we require the title to a vehicle that is in working condition and paid in full. You cannot qualify for a loan if the title still lists a lien holder or you are carrying a loan on the vehicle.

Do You Require Proof of Income?

Yes, we do require proof that you have some sort of income to qualify for a loan. However, we are very flexible and allow a variety of income sources when qualifying applicants.

Where Can I Apply for an Auto Title Loan?

Our team is fully staffed and ready to take applications over the phone any time you are ready to apply.
Our website is equipped with an online application, which only takes a few minutes to complete.
If you prefer to do business in person, you are welcome to come by a loan store in Lubbock to fill out an application.

What Information Is Required on the Application Form?

To generate a loan offer, we require a few details about the vehicle you are submitting as collateral. We also need your personal contact information to get in touch with you about the loan. Listed below is the basic information required on applications:

1. The year of your motor vehicle and an estimate of the mileage. You also need to include the model, make and the body style.

2. Your full name and a telephone number.